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A.S.C. academy was founded in 2005 and registered and affiliated with the Nigerian Football Assosiation (NFA).. The academy was founded to improve the development of youth soccer in the country.

Nigeria is a country with a population of approximately 120 million, it seems that almost every youngster seeks the opportunity to improve it's football skills. Football in Nigeria is a lifestyle, passion, obsession and source of livelihood. With over 40 million under the age of 18 playing on the streets across the country we therefore provide an opportunity and the facilities to improve their skills and potential.

Through training and playing in a disciplined environment, each player will acquire skills that are far more important than football ability alone, e.g. Responsibility, humility, self-confidence, teamwork and a positive attitude.

A.S.C academy strives to provide the most talented youngsters with the opportunity to improve their football career. Such player will also contribute to the future success of Nigeria as a football nation.

Recognizing and developing natural talents
Through scouting and screening we select the most naturally talented players across many locations in Nigeria (age ranging from 7 to 18 years) and bring them together.
To guide and protect the players, an agreement between the academy and the parents or guardian is necessary. After an agreement has been reached, the player(s) will be invited to join the team in the academy hostel under the care of A.S.C academy. Facilities such as accommodation, training kits, academy fees etc. will all be provided by the academy.

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